Meet the founder


“Some years ago a self-proclaimed “spiritual healer” bluntly told me I was not doing the right job. She insisted I was one destined to help others. And, working in the field of international disaster relief, so I was, I believed, and did not bother much.

Years later here I am. I have left my international carrier to study human anatomy and movement science to teach you how to be mindful about your body. And as I personally experienced Pilates has a great healing potential, I now tend to wonder if this is what she meant… or all is just pure coincidence…”

Piroska Balla

Piroska`s attention turned to Pilates in 2006 after she had been injured in the gym and also learnt how high impact training can adversely affect a woman`s body. Ever since, Pilates has been part of her life and made her happy J

She worked as a lawyer in the field of international disaster relief, but decided on a carrier change after 13 years in 2013 to complete her Pilates certification with Corpus Studios, her in Brussels. She also studied Anatomy and pelvic floor training. Besides Pilates she works out with a professional coach and attends yoga classes regularly.

Respirit Pilates was born from a thought and has become destiny by chance.

Why Pilates?

 Because it is adaptable

 We know it from personal experience how well it can meet your physical exercise needs any time. Do you need a sweaty workout? You want to stay active during or recover after pregnancy? Have physical limitations due to medical conditions? Or just want to have some mindful moves to relax your brain? It may sound unbelievable but you can always find some suitable Pilates exercises with a knowledgable instructor.

 Because it is a smart movement system….

 … that places the quality of your moves before quantity….

 … to help you create healthy movement patterns through muscle memory you can use in your daily life.

The Respirit way of Pilates

You and your body deserve the best in town.

Respirit Pilates is a boutique-style private Pilates studio where you will receive plenty of our attention whether you attend small group classes or individual sessions.

You will find both traditional and contemporary classes in our repertoire, both on the mat and world-famous Pilates apparatus.


We also provide quality Pilates education for those interested in learning more about movement.

Join our community where we, teachers and clients share our knowledge to rediscover how good our body is designed to feel. 

Collective classes are held daily from Monday till Sunday, as per advertised schedule. Please visit our website or call in for more information.

Private classes and studio visits are by appointment only.


  • Address: 65, rue des Romains, L-8041 Strassen
  • Telephone: +352 621 621 323
  • Email: respirit.pilates@gmail.com
  • Website: www.respirit-pilates.com
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/respiritpilates

Public transport: Bus no. 28 and 222, (stop Barblé)

GPS: lat 49.618948, long 6.070213 // Blue parking disc gives access to free parking around the building.