MammaFit – Mindful fitness classes for pregnant women or with your baby in Luxembourg. Join us TODAY!

MammaFit is a mindful fitness programme dedicated to future and new mamas, giving them the opportunity to stay in shape while enjoying the company of their children.

MammaFit focuses on healthy toning up, stretching and holistic well-being of the moms. MammaFit specifically focuses on the progressive recovery of the abdominal and pelvic muscles.

MammaFit is energy and attention to your bump and your baby, your body, yourself.

The MammaFit programme is very flexible, we have classes in various locations for pregnant women, mums with baby in the baby carrier (or sling) and stroller…we even have classes for fathers now! We are always on, no matters the season, meetup at the park or at the classroom according to the weather!

You can find our classes on MammaFit website.

Contact us and we will send you all the details!

Enjoy every moment!